The BEST in automotive spare part distribution.

We have been operating in this sector since 1989, and from the very first day our main focus has been reliability, training and innovation.
Today, nearly thirty years later, these remain the key words at the foundation of our leadership of the italian aftermarket sector.

In May 2017, Top Car and Ricauto, Autodis Group (Autodistribution) and Ovam Group announced the birth of a joint-ownership company in order to operate on the Italian market.

The new Italian venture generates a proforma turnover of over €122 million and plays a key role in the market with the aim of bringing other independent Italian distributors into the group.

Our policy is to offer our customers the widest possible range of products, helping us to become their only representatives and to consolidate our commercial relationships. We offer around 75,000 products made by the some of the most important manufacturers in the world, and we are constantly updating and extending our range, selecting only parts and components of the highest quality.

The company, founded in 1996, is located in Padova and extends across 1,400 m2.. This is complemented by the 600 m2 covered by the depot in Via Prima Strada 68.

Top Car azienda


We employ 15 warehouse workers, 4 agents and 2 call centre operators who all help us to achieve a consolidated turnover of €18,000,000, thanks also to a portfolio of over 500 customers.

We invest a great deal of resources ininnovation, offering our customers advanced computer technologies designed according to their specific needs, such asour e-commerce facility, which is continuously updated thanks also to the contribution of our partners. For many years, we have been around the top of the national profitability rankings compiled by the Polytechnic of Turin, with a turnover which has been continuously growing over the last ten years.

Top Car azienda

An incredibly positive trend made possible by setting and achieving clearly defined objectives:

  • To supply customers with an increasingly comprehensive and up-to-date product range, with the aim of satisfying all market needs.
  • Never to give priority to cheapness, but to offer expertise and a collection of services and knowhow which constitute real added value.
  • To take advantage of the opportunities provided by belonging to the Giadi / Ad International Group, in terms of purchasing conditions, quality and innovation on an international level.

Our technological partners:

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